Best laid plans

What is it with Murphy? This law of his really is the pits.

It happens to everyone. I know I’m not special. But why is it that whenever you plan something, or things need to go a certain way, something always happens to throw a wrench in it?

Take this week, for example. I run a conference for the company I work for. The conference is this Wednesday. I need to be in the office the two days leading up to the conference to make sure everything for the day of the conference is done, the handouts are printed and delivered, the banners and posters arrive and are correct, the name tags are ready, etc., etc.

But guess what?

My son has a terrible bug (and so does my daughter, but not nearly as bad). So of course I’m keeping him home from preschool because the poor little guy looks (and likely feels) just miserable. And my kids come first. I’ll delegate the work that needs to be done for the conference to some other capable individual in the office. But that doesn’t make my week any better. Before, facing only the stress of conference day, I was exhausted enough. Now, one sleepless night down—probably at least one more to go with my son—and my stress level has begun to climb through the roof, compounded by the fact that I will now get even less sleep.

And the last time my little guy got a bug? My mother and I had tickets to take my kids and my nephew to see a stage production of Cat in the Hat, put on by Fred Penner. I spent the night before monitoring his temperature and fighting his fever. I was exhausted and so was he the next morning. And despite not having thrown up since the wee hours of the morning, it didn’t make sense to dress him up and take him to a play—even if it was his favourite story. So the little guy missed it. I still feel bad about it. Not that there was anything I could do. When you’re sick, you’re sick, right?

But it always seems to happen that way.

My husband and I planned our first adults only weekend away when my son was a baby and didn’t he get sick two days before we left? We canceled our trip and planned to stay home with the kids. Then the tides turned. He started to feel better. So we re-booked our trip and left our kids with my parents, only to find out when we checked in with my parents that our little guy was sick again.

And I could name a dozen or more other times when illness or circumstance has changed our plans (or, to spin it in a positive way, taught us how to be more flexible).

What about you? Do you have stories of best laid plans gone awry? Share them with me in the comments so that I don’t feel so alone in this.

Or, if you have a Murphy’s Law story on your blog, send me the link (lifetakesover at yahoo dot ca). I’ll share it here for others to read.


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