Busy Mom, Good Kids, McDonald’s Signature McWrap

It’s been quiet here on the blog. I’ve been busy tying up the end of the school year. So, Busy life = Not-so-busy blog.

In all this busy-ness, one of the days included a field trip with my son’s preschool. I took my daughter as well because she attends the preschool two mornings a week and her teacher really wanted her to come along.

Well, the trip was great. Everyone had a good time.

And as a reward for their excellent behaviour all day, despite being tired, hungry and thirsty, I offered to take them to McDonald’s for a late lunch when the bus dropped us off back at the preschool.

They jumped on it. (What kid wouldn’t?)

Knowing that we were going to a barbecue at church that night, and that dinner would be later than usual, I didn’t object to them eating so much so late in the afternoon.

And, also knowing that the upcoming barbecue was going to consist of hamburgers and hotdogs, I didn’t exactly want to eat a hamburger at McDonald’s shortly before heading to the barbecue.

So, I tried another one of the new Signature McWraps.

Not long ago, I indulged in the Sweet Chili Wrap and my husband had the Fiesta. Both were dee-licious. (He kindly let me sample his.) Both were so flavourful and mouth wateringly delicious. I was hooked. One wasn’t enough.

Here’s something you need to know about me. I’ve been eating at McDonald’s for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, it was a Sunday treat after church most weeks. I started with hamburgers, graduated to cheeseburgers, had a phase of Filet-O-Fish, dabbled in Chicken McNuggets and eventually settled on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. And that’s where I’ve stayed. Everyone who knows me could order my lunch at McDonald’s without asking me what I wanted. It.never.changes. I always order the Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo with Coke.

Until now.

After trying the Sweet Chili and Fiesta McWraps, I had to know what the Chicken & Bacon McWrap was like. So I ordered it when I took my kids to McDonald’s after their field trip. It was delicious. Not my favourite out of the three, but definitely good. Sweet Chili is my favourite.

And so now, with the introduction of these delicious wraps, my tastes have moved to the next level. It’ll be Signature McWraps for me from now on (probably always the Sweet Chili).

Have you tried McDonald’s new Signature McWrap? What’s your favourite?


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