The way technology hijacks our brains

I left a note on the counter for my husband last night. I was up late doing stuff (I’m always doing stuff) and he had already gone to bed. I was getting things ready for an event I’m helping with and I couldn’t find our little condiment dishes with tiny spoons.

So, I wrote him a note and left it on the counter (he gets up first in the morning).

hand-written note

When I read the note in the morning, my first instinct was to reply by writing below his comment. And the next thought my brain had was, “He’s probably at work by now, so he should respond fairly quickly.”

It only took my brain another three seconds before realizing that, if I reply to my husband’s comment on this piece of paper, he will not respond until he gets home from work tonight and reads the piece of paper.

I laughed at myself then carried on with the morning routine. What else could I do?

Have you ever caught yourself applying technology habits to old fashion methods?


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