The end…

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

(Thanks to On the Homefront for bringing this quote to my attention. It’s fitting this week.)

Last week of school. Field trips, appreciation lunches, end-of-year meetings for school council and planning meetings for church, end-of-year barbecues for all the stuff my kids are involved in, finally nice enough weather to get outside and garden, go to the splash pad, the pool, visit with friends, enjoy the parks. Plus deadlines at work (full-time) and extra meetings at the part-time job. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I miss sleep.

But that’s the key to not coming to the end of the rope. Sleep.

Without sleep, it all falls apart.

The less sleep I get, the more my children seem to misbehave. But they’re not misbehaving at all. They are behaving like they always do, but my cranky pants attitude escalates their shenanigans.

Take Little Brother, this morning, yesterday morning, yesterday evening, he was relentless at not listening. I didn’t yell. I didn’t threaten…until I got to the end of my rope and forgot to tie a knot. Then I yelled. And it didn’ He still didn’t listen. A smile, some understanding and a hug would have worked better. But I was too tired to think calmly.

But here’s the thing, when you get to that point and you forget to tie the knot, there’s a safety…just in case. There’s meditation. There’s prayer. There’s a chance to reset your mind—despite sleep deprivation—to do what’s right. Count to 10. Say a little prayer. Ask for strength. Dig deep into your quiet place and see them for what they are: beautiful, lively, fun-loving children. Give them a hug. Smother them with kisses. Thank them for making you laugh at their silly shenanigans. Even if you’re angry and tired and at the end of your rope, gratitude will help you tie that knot that you so desperately need. The outcome will be vastly different than the tense, terse reprimand that was dangling on your lips. And remember:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

~Philippians 4:13

Sleep deprivation, busy schedules, short ropes; it doesn’t matter what you’re suffering, you can do it.

8 thoughts on “The end…

  1. writerwannabe763

    I was meant to read this…through On the Homefront’s re-blog… The sleep deprivation… end of rope… describes what is in my life right now… A good reminder that I need to thank God for His goodness and that I can make it ‘through Christ who strengthens me….Thank you … Diane

    1. Nancy Post author

      As you were meant to read it, I was meant to write it…thanks to On the Homefront (for without her posted quote, I wouldn’t have put my situation into this perspective). Thank you for stopping by, Diane. God bless.

    1. Nancy Post author

      I hear ya. But to go to sleep at 8:30 would mean leaving a sink full of dishes, no dinner planned for the next day, work undone, no time spent with hubby, etc., etc. LOL! But one of these days, I’m just gonna do that! Hope you’re keeping well. Try to get some sleep!

  2. jodiwoody

    Sometimes I think God got the whole time thing all wrong, only 24 hours in a day, for real. But He knew what He was doing, we are the ones that stretch ourselves so thin. We need to simplify where we can, and lean on His strength when we can’t. Good word!


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