Beavers and price tags on kids

On the way home from preschool pick-up, my kids and I got into a conversation about why there were only two kids in our family. They wanted to know why we didn’t have three kids like some of the other families at the preschool.

I came up with all the usual reasons: our family is perfect the way it is, you have each other why do you need anyone else, mommy and daddy only wanted two kids, babies are a lot of work and, of course, kids are expensive. To which my daughter, the 5-year-old know-it-all replied, “Kids aren’t expensive. They don’t even have tags.”

It took me a second, but when I realized what she was talking about, the laughter came rolling over me. She just laughed along. I don’t think she really knew why I was laughing so hard, which just made it even more funny to me.

In the midst of my laughing fit, my son, who I’m sure had no idea what was going on, said, “Look, Mommy! There’s a beaver on that Canada Cartage System logotruck!” I turned in time to see a Canada Cartage transport truck roll by us. He continued with, “Mommy, there’s beavers in that truck. That’s why there’s a beaver on the truck. It’s full of beavers!”

I almost had to pull the car over I was laughing so hard. I got the kids home, both with strange looks on their faces as I grinned ear to ear and broke out in peels of laughter from time to time from replaying the conversation and their comments in my head.

And that’s how I’m beginning my Canada Day long weekend!

What about you? Are you starting the long weekend with a giant smile on your face?


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