Thrifty Threads – convenient, well-priced, online shopping

Several months ago, I was introduced to a new local online shopping experience—Thrifty Threads.

Thrifty Threads is an online shop run by local moms. The selection of gently-used children’s clothes, shoes, gear and toys is fantastic! Every week there are new items to browse through.

And the shopping process? Easy, straightforward and fun!

My daughter overheard me talking about online shopping not too long ago (I was checkin’ out some deals on the Old Navy website), so she wanted to “do online shopping.” I pulled her onto my lap (she’s only 5), navigated to the Thrifty Threads website and showed her how to find the photo album of items that were her size. Then we clicked through the pictures together, talking about prices and opportunities to wear some of the things she was choosing. She settled on a pair of shorts. (I’m sure she would have chosen much more if I had not been sitting right there with her.)

Pink shorts

These are the Old Navy shorts we picked up from Thrifty Threads for $4!

Since my daughter is learning to read, online shopping at Thrifty Threads was a great way to teach her some words and about the dollar value of the things she wanted to buy.

The shopping process is simple. Say you want to buy clothing for a 5-year-old girl. Open the photo album for Girls 5 years and browse through the pictures. When you find something you like, if it hasn’t already been purchased, type SOLD into the comments and it’s yours! For a small fee, you can have the item(s) delivered or shipped to you, or you can pick up your item(s) yourself at their Toronto location.

And if you have gently-used children’s items that your children have outgrown, you can sell your items to Thrifty Threads. I’ve done this a few times and the experience has always been rewarding.

The prices are great, too! And most of their stuff is brand name, so you’re getting great quality items at excellent prices. That’s why I don’t mind when my daughter wants to do a little online shopping. We’ve managed to round out her summer wardrobe quite nicely without having to navigate mall parking lots, stand in line at stores (something I dread doing with my 5-year-old and 3-year-old in tow), or pay high prices.

White sweater

This little number goes great with my daughter’s plethora of sundresses.                   And it was only $4!

If you’re in the Greater Toronto Area and you’re looking for great kids’ stuff at great prices, I highly recommend checking out Thrifty Threads!


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