Family bliss

Picture it, two little monkeys and two tired parents cuddled together on a couch watching a Disney movie. From an unplanned event, so much happiness and love.

We flicked the movie on for the kids to occupy them while we cleaned up from supper.

From where I had stood a moment before at the kitchen sink, I could see them watching their movie and I could see them move closer to each other when the scary parts came.

I had two choices. I could stand there and continue to dry dishes while my little ones, the most precious things in the world to me, cuddled with each other to help ward off the fear of the Shadow Man in the movie. Or I could put down my dish towel and sit with them, cuddling them while they watched the movie and seeing it through their eyes.

I put down my dish towel.

Minutes later, my husband joined us. For the rest of the movie, we sat together on the couch, enjoying Disney’s version of The Princess and The Frog story.

There was much talking from the under 5 set on the couch. They both wanted to know why there was a bad guy in the movie, so we explained that there is good and evil in the world and therefore there is good and evil in movies to help us understand the good and the evil in the world.

Near the end of the movie, the Shadow Man is taken away (to the depths of Hell) by evil spirits. Both kids wanted to know more about where the spirits were taking him. We explained Heaven and Hell to them. Not an entirely new concept to them, but one that we don’t talk about very often.

Then Little Brother said, “We’re in Heaven already.”

So innocently pronounced.

I hugged my family close to me and thought, “Yes, this certainly qualifies as Heaven.”


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