O the besity of it

Ok, so I may be making up words now, but it so fit with what I was thinking, I couldn’t not write it (and then make it the title of this post).

The other day at the grocery store with my daughter, we walked past a very large woman.

Once we got passed her, my daughter looked back and said, “Look how fat that lady is.”

To which I replied, “Don’t be rude. It’s not polite to make comments about other people.”

But in her childhood innocence, she was only making a factual statement. She was neither being cruel nor judgmental. She had just never seen anyone that big before, and she was pointing it out—the way she points out other new things she sees.

What would you have done?

Should I have ignored her comment?

Should I have discussed possible causes for the woman’s obesity and made the situation into a lesson about a healthy lifestyle?

What I chose to do in the moment was to make it a lesson about manners.

Regardless of the issue, it’s not nice to make comments about other people.

I’d love to hear what you would have done in this situation. Please leave your comment below.

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