RW Garcia – Snack Healthy this Fall

Yum. That about sums it up.

I came home from a meeting at my daughter’s school the other day to find this box on my doorstep.


Filled with delicious and healthy snacks, I was hard-pressed not to dig in before dinner.

And I thought I’d get them all to myself. (OK, I was going to share them with my husband, but I didn’t think I’d have to share them with my kids!)

These tasty snacks are made from stone ground organic non-GMO corn, contain no additives or preservatives, are verified non-GMO and are certified gluten free.

All that healthy stuff AND they taste great! So I took a baggie of them with them me to the bus stop to meet my kids after school. I offered them the snack expecting a resounding, “Yuck!” (My kids generally don’t like anything chip-like unless it’s full-on fried in grease and so salty you need a water chaser.)

To my surprise, they devoured the contents of the baggie that I brought with me, and then they asked for more. I chalked it up to after-school hunger pangs.

When we got home, I showed them the box I had received and offered them the variety of flavours. To choose from, they had English Cheddar Dippers, Sweet Potato Dippers, Veggie Dippers, Flax, and Sweet & Spicy Thai. I figured they might like one or two of the flavours, but they munched their way through the bags as if they had never tasted anything so good. And my daughter has been asking me each day to make sure I pack any of the flavours in her lunch box for her snacks at school.

RW Garcia_Veggie CANRW Garcia_Thai CANRW Garcia_Sweet Potato CANRW Garcia_FlaxRW Garcia_English Cheddar CAN

I have picky eaters, as you may know, so I’m surprised they like them so much…but then, these corn chips are so good, how could they not like them? The texture, the flavours (the fact that I don’t feel so guilty chowing down on them or feeding them to my kids); they are great. Definitely a new snack addition on my grocery list.

Wanna try them? They are available in Canada at Fairway Market, Tru-Value, Bulk Barn and other grocery chains and health and specialty stores. RW Garcia Co. is based in San Jose, California, so they are also available in the US.


2 thoughts on “RW Garcia – Snack Healthy this Fall

  1. This Mom Loves

    Oh, these look good! I’m a picky eater myself, and more like kids when it comes to my snack preferences – I’d be skipping the veggie variety, but English Cheddar and Sweet Potato sound yummy. Plus, it’s always nice to find something new for the lunch boxes!


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