Rotten Rena is at it again in a new Treebobs story

Rotten Rena is up to no good again in the latest in the Treebobs series, The Treebobs and Air Rena.

In this tale of Rena’s mischief-causing, she has invented an airline called Air Rena.

She flies over the Enchanted Forest cackling through a large brass horn, announcing her maiden voyage and the services she’ll provide to other witches who wish to travel in luxury on Air Rena.

Her awful ship flies so low that she damages some of the Treebobs’ homes. Everyone is dismayed at Rena’s latest plan.

Rotten Rena goes ahead with her plan to fly the witches to the Dark Woods, but it all goes wrong as Bindweed Belle and the Treebobs, with the help of Mr. McCloud and the bumblebees, save the forest from Rena’s awful, enormous airship.

Much like the other stories in the Treebobs series, this one was entertaining and lively right through to the end where we are left wondering what Rotten Rena will get up to next time.

Visit for more information about the Treebobs series.

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The opinions above are my own. I received a free download of The Treebobs and Air Rena for review. I was not compensated in any other way.


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