Fun Food Friday – Dance Moves

I’m a week behind on my Fun Food Friday post. That’s pretty good considering everything else I’ve got on my plate right now. pat on the back

And, given that Fun Food hasn’t happened in our house yet today, I figured I would post last week’s story now and get tonight’s story up on the blog tomorrow.

So, the background on last Friday’s fun food was the kids were asking for muffins for breakfast. I had neither the ingredients nor the time to make a batch of muffins. We’re talking 6:45 in the morning and we have to be out the door by 7:30.

So, I improvised. Basically, I handed my kids a container of thinly sliced ham, a measuring cup of raw eggs and a muffin pan, told them to cover the bottom and sides of each cup with the sliced ham and then fill the cup with egg.




With very little mess, they achieved ham and egg muffin perfection.


The longest part of this process was the baking. So I turned some music on and we had a dance party while we waited.




A delicious breakfast made by the kids while having lots of FUN!





3 thoughts on “Fun Food Friday – Dance Moves

    1. Nancy Post author

      Thanks! It turned out pretty good. It would have been better with cheese. Unfortunately, for the first time ever, I had none in the house.


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