Sometimes we have to laugh

The last two days at our house have been…rough. Not worse than usual, mind you, but rough just the same.

Both my kids are potty trained…and have been for quite some time.

So pee and poop accidents are jarring to say the least.

Yet, yesterday and again today, I was jarred.

The morning started out as usual. Two kids shaken from sleep, grumpy and unwilling to comply. A happy, morning-person mommy (the things we do for our kids) snuggling and tickling and whispering soft encouragement into their little ears and hearts (not that it seemed to help, but maybe it did—we’ll never know).

Eventually, they were both up and eating breakfast. And all was moving along according to plan.

Then the pee hit the floor. Quite literally.

Little Brother didn’t get the light on in the bathroom fast enough, and since that was taking all of his concentration, he missed the next steps of pulling down his pants and aiming at the toilet.

And that’s where our morning turned sideways. We got through it, though. Mommy was in a good mood.

This morning, thinking it couldn’t happen twice, I allowed us the same amount of time and not a minute more to get up, eat and get out the door.

Apparently, it can happen twice. And the second time is worse. I’m not talking pee this time. I’m talking number 2.

Amidst the clean-up and the cuddling that it was OK, accidents happen, Big Sister wanted to practice the Christmas song her Beaver Scouts group will be singing at the seniors’ home next week. So there she was in full Rudolph regalia, belting out Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as I scrubbed the bathroom floor, the toilet and Little Brother. It was comical to say the least. And you know, Life Takes Over, but you get through it.

And now that Little Brother has decorated our bathroom floor with number 1 and number 2, I have learned my lesson and I have placed a stool right under the light in the bathroom just in case I forget to leave the bathroom light on when we get up in the morning.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.


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