Sometimes you just have to be amazed

If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that this week has been a bit rough (and we’re only half way through).

This was the first day that things went a little more smoothly and nothing out of the ordinary happened…except it did.

After reviewing my daughter’s homework the night before, I discovered she had not completed it as she said she had. So I set my alarm to get up earlier in the morning and wake her to finish it since it was due.

I woke up ready for a fight. But instead, when I went to wake her, I was greeted with a sleepy but happy child who, very willingly, came downstairs and finished up her homework. She even noticed a few mistakes she had made and took the steps to correct them.

I sat with her the whole time she worked and we chatted and spelled out words together. Then, having a bit of time left before her brother had to be woken, we snuggled for a bit and talked about the day we thought we were going to have.

Then we woke up Little Brother, had breakfast, got ready and got out the door in record time.

After work, I picked them up at the bus stop, got home in record time, and proceeded with our usual evening routine. Except that there was nothing usual about the routine. My daughter unpacked her lunch bag and proceeded to make her lunch. She always unpacks her lunch bag, but she has never made her own lunch. And yet, she did, totally and completely. And without any prompting from me. And then she gave me a hug and asked if there was anything I needed help with.

Now, my daughter is a helpful child. And she very often does what I ask of her. But I can’t recall a time when she has recognized that I was busy and then asked if there was anything with which I needed help.

Our evening proceeded in that manner. She cut up the carrots for dinner, set the table, entertained her brother, all the while speaking nicely and never once losing her cool.

I’m not sure what prompted this amazing behaviour, but she had an effect on her brother, too. He followed her lead and helped cut up cucumbers. He came close to upset once when he thought there was no chore for him to do. But she calmed him down and they carried on with their assigned tasks.

The whole evening was like something out of my best daydream. Happy children, happy parents, everyone working together and enjoying just being together. I wish I could bottle it, it was so sweet.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to be amazed

    1. Nancy Post author

      I know, right? But where did it come from. She has never behaved like that before. Or is it that I spend so much time and energy expecting her to be unhelpful that I miss the times that she is so fantastic?


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