Fun Food Friday – delayed

Wow, setting a weekly goal for myself has proven harder than I thought.

I’m a week behind getting this post up…and it’ll probably be more than that by the time I actually make the post live on the blog, which is why I’m including this week’s Fun Food Friday as well.

Anyway, last week’s Fun Food Friday consisted of a very healthy, fun-looking snack and an incredibly unhealthy but totally kid-approved dinner (note: the kids were also the ones who came up with the dinner idea. I would never actually feed this to my kids as part of a balanced diet, but I was so tired I caved they liked their idea so much, and who am I to squash their creativity?)

So here it is:

Fruity palm trees


Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries


Island Fun


Santa Hats  (Yes, they are designed from french fries, ketchup and mini marshmallows. And probably only a kid would eat them.)



And this week’s Fun Food Friday is pizza at a bowling alley!

(OK, it’s not exactly creative fun food, but it is food, and it is pizza [which is totally fun] and we did eat it while we were bowling [which is also totally fun], so it counts.)

It was the end-of-year Messy Church and Junior Youth Group party, so we did a family bowling night. It was a blast. We prayed and played and ate pizza and generally had a fantastic time!



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