Insane … completely insane

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It appears I have something to learn from that.

Either that or accept that I’m completely insane and move on.

After a busy weekend and several late nights, I figured it would do my kids good to sleep for a bit longer this morning. I did attempt to wake them up at the usual time, but they were less than receptive. So I left them alone and got some stuff done around the house.

An hour later, I tried again. This time, they woke up and joined me for breakfast, but not without a whole hell of a lot of screaming and crying and whining about pajama bottoms being on the floor and too far away to reach from the warmth of the bed. (Apparently, my daughter was hot during the night and removed half of her pajamas in her sleep, flinging the unwanted bottoms across the room.)

Long story short, eventually everyone made it to the kitchen, consumed some breakfast then got ready for school/daycare/work.

Throughout the morning fiasco, I questioned why I let them sleep in at all. Every single time I let them sleep late, chaos ensues. The kids are upset, we’re all late, no one wants to cooperate. Some of it can be attributed to not eating breakfast on time. My kids, especially my oldest, can’t function if they’re hungry…and I pay for it—every time.

So I wonder, am I insane? If every time I let them sleep in, I get the same result (screaming, uncooperative children), why do I let them sleep in?

Because I’m insane. You’d think I’d learn from the results. But they are so cute when they’re sleeping. It’s hard to imagine them causing any kind of trouble. I suppose it’s nature’s way of preventing parents from abandoning their young. If they never looked sweet and angelic, we parents, exhausted, worn out and abused, probably wouldn’t hang around too long to care for the little screaming dictators. What do you think? Am I right? Maybe not right, but definitely insane. I’m going to let them sleep in tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. (If you don’t hear from me after tomorrow, rest assured I’m enjoying my new padded cell…and the peace and quiet.)

P.S. The winner of the Apple TV from Staples Canada is Daniela Ferrante. Congratulations! I’ll email you.


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