Summertime Fun in French!

OK, OK, I know. It’s only February. But if you’re a parent—and particularly a working parent—you know that you have to start early to get your kids into the good camps for the summer.

There are a lot of points to consider when booking a summer camp.

  • Do you need full-time care for your child while you work?
  • Does the camp provide meals or will you be packing lunches everyday?
  • Is the camp in a convenient location for your drop-offs and pick-ups?
  • Will the camp be entertaining and challenging enough for your child?
  • Will the camp be too exhausting for your child?
  • Is the price reasonable?

That’s a lot to think about. And there are a lot of camps to choose from in a city the size of Toronto.

Last year, I received a flyer toward the end of the school year from my daughter’s school advertising Camp Tournesol. Knowing I’d have to find full-time care for her for the summer, I looked into it. She had gone to Parks and Rec camps in previous summers. No major complaints there. Nice counselors, close by, low price. Those camps were good for introducing her to the camp experience. But the last time she went to a city-run camp, she complained of being bored. I want to her to love her camp experiences and to look back on her summers with fondness. Like most parents, I also want her to learn and experience new things. And since she’s in French Immersion, a French camp seemed like a good idea.

Not only was it a great experience overall for her, it was also great for me. (I believe that it’s as important that a child enjoy the camp as it is that parents have a positive experience with the camp.)

The only thing that made me kind of sad was that Little Brother was going to have to wait two years before he could to Camp Tournesol with his big sister because he wasn’t in French Immersion yet. But then, this really amazing camp did something even more amazing. They added a camp program for pre-JK kids! Big Sister had so much fun and was truly challenged at camp last summer and I was truly impressed with the administration and the counselors, the only thing that could make that experience better was to be able to put Little Brother in the same camp! And now we can!

So, long story short, both my kidlets are all signed up and ready to have fun in French this summer at Camp Tournesol!

If you have kids in French Immersion and are looking for a great summer camp full of lots of fun and lots of learning, or if you know of anyone who is looking for a great camp for their kids, check out You’ll be glad you did!


Disclaimer: This post was written entirely of my own accord. The opinions above are entirely my own.


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