Keeping it in Line: Tips for Parade Day

I’m welcoming to the blog today Arianna from

As we head into St. Patrick’s Day festivities, she’s sharing her tips on taking the family to a parade.

And without further ado, find out how she makes the most of parade day fun!

In my neighborhood, St. Patrick’s Day is a huge celebration! Our parade is a blast, and unlike some, the party is family friendly. Last year, we traveled as a family to Philadelphia to enjoy the parade with a few friends and their family. It was our first time attending with the whole family, so I’ve come up with some tips that will make your parade day easy and stress free!

1. Dress to Impress: This is a great day for face paint, stickers and ridiculous outfits. I like to make it a project with the kids ahead of time, creating shamrock stencils and using fabric paint to make shirts or using green fabric dye to tie-dye old shirts. I use that time to prepare them for how to behave during the parade. I usually talk about how important it is to stay close to me, not to run into the road for candy and not to touch other people or their pets without asking!

2. Breakfast: I like to make sure the kids are full before we head to big events. With so many food vendors and food trucks on the parade route, I want there to be as little reason as possible for the kids to get distracted and want to taste everything. I beat this problem by making St. Patrick’s Parade Day Breakfast its own event. I make green pancakes in the shape of shamrocks, add a couple drops of green food coloring to the milk, and really try to make it a fun and memorable event so that the kids are full and we end up spending less money while out on the parade route!

3. Packing: There are a few things I would never go to a parade without. Pack an umbrella. Even if the weather is beautiful, it will provide some shade if the sun is too intense. I also like to pack a bunch of alcohol wipes. Somehow little kid hands always end up covered in some sort of unrecognizable, slimy substance! Dog treats are also handy to reward Brodie, our lab, for good behavior. Finally, for Jaxon and Sophia, I always pack some healthy snacks I know they like and a few juice boxes, just in case.

4. Short Leash: Speaking of Brodie, last year we left him with a pet sitter from DogVacay for the day, but I plan to take him with us this year. Do not bring your retractable leash with you to a parade. There are too many people and it is too easy for it to wrap around and through objects and people. For this event we’ll be using a short four-foot leash, keeping him nice and close. Events with lots of people are great for socializing for Brodie, but I like to keep the risk at a minimum.

5. Getting There: Last year, we carpooled with friends but this year we are taking our own car. The tough part about this is how crowded the parade route and traffic are, so we are planning to park quite a few blocks away from the route. Knowing that by the end of the parade we will have two overtired toddlers, we are bringing their double stroller. The large stroller is harder to accommodate, and of course our eldest insists she is too old for it, but I really think the added difficulty will be well worth the decreased time spent waiting for parade traffic to dissipate. If you plan the logistics of getting to the parade and leaving ahead of time or utilize a traffic app for your phone that will highlight the least troubling route. it can really make the whole event much less stressful!

Arianna is a full-time mom and a fashion-lover, world traveler, animal lover, and family woman extraordinaire. She loves to cook and bake, travel to new places, share great fashion finds, and spend time doing crafts and projects at home with her kids. She’s got a crazy busy life, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Follow her blog at!


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