Healthy snacks and less waste

I have a yogurt monster at my house. I think he was born that way. As soon as he was old enough to open the fridge, I’d catch him sneaking yogurts. Now I’m not complaining. He could do a lot worse.

Big Sister was a lover of yogurt when she was very little, but she grew out of it. And she has been warning Little Brother ever since he was old enough to understand her that he would outgrow his yogurt obsession, too.

But he hasn’t.

He loves it just as much now as he did back then. And he loves every kind. With fruit, without, frozen, plain, plain with honey or maple syrup (so good; I got him hooked on that).

Over the summer, we went through boxes of yogurt tubes. We froze them for a healthier treat instead of Mr. Freezies.

I’m glad he enjoys this healthy snack. But something has been niggling at me.

The waste. So much plastic discarded from the ever-increasing consumption of yogurt tubes, yogurt containers, yogurt drinks. And he’s getting bigger…and eating more. Friends with older children (boys specifically) have warned me about the teenage years. Some days I almost hope that Big Sister is right and that he will outgrow his love of yogurt lest he single-handedly contributes to the plastic pollution and this… Squirrel with yogurt container on headBut then I found these:

Amazon_freezepopsAnd I thought all of our yogurt waste problems were solved. Except they weren’t.

The silicone ice pop molds were not available with the attached lid when I went to place my order on No problem, I thought. I’ll try ordering them later. Still not available.

I tried several more times and finally gave up. I could find the molds with detachable lids from U.S. suppliers that charged a fortune for shipping but nothing from Canada and none with attached lids. So I resigned myself to waiting.

Then, recently, I was at IKEA picking up a few things we needed and as I was wandering around, I saw these:

Fotor_144545852497046I couldn’t believe my luck. There were four in a pack and they were $4.99! Less than half the price of the set I found on Amazon. Plus, NO SHIPPING!

The only problem? Detachable lids. But for $4.99, I didn’t care.

As soon as I got home, I mixed up a yogurt treat in my fantastic Blendtec blender and set the molds in a tall cup in the freezer to see how the frozen treat would turn out.


That evening, both Big Sister and Little Brother enjoyed what is sure to become our new favourite frozen yogurt. The combinations are endless, of course. The only thing limiting us is our imaginations. We can also use them to hold blueberries, nuts, Cheerios, dried cranberries, etc. They are quite big around and hold more yogurt than a store-bought yogurt tube (=more filling for Little Brother, so he’s less likely to go back for seconds).

Definitely a great find. The next time I’m at IKEA, I’ll be picking up a second set of these for sure.


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