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A Colourful Review

In the recent past, I received a beautiful book for review.

It’s called The Colour Book and it’s by Sophie Benini Pietromarchi (her name has such a lovely ring to it, don’t you think?)

Like with all reviews, I started out by sitting with the book and just taking in its cover and artwork. This is a hardcover book, and so the weight and feel of it was very nice in my hands.

The cover artwork drew me in. As I sat with it, Little Brother came by to see what I was doing (it’s not often my kids see their mother sitting down, looking unoccupied).

Fotor_144560724599084Little Brother was instantly intrigued by the ants that ran across the cover, dipping themselves into what looked like pots of different coloured paints and changing their colours.

The cover is a wonderful indication of what is to come in the pages that follow:

Colour, alive and moving around the pages and taking the reader on a journey.

We opened the book together and followed the path set out by the author through colours and words.

The Colours

Each page is bursting with colour and description and beauty. Colour in nature and colour in faces and in feelings. The author talks about smiling colours and naming colours and personal colours, and then she covers the basics of colours like primary and complementary.

Fotor_144560735037992She talks about shades of colours and yellows and reds and blues and making colours from scratch.

She then invites you to collect and arrange your colours, whatever they may be: crayons, paints, markers; asking you to dive further in and make colour personal.

Fotor_144560729653292The Words

I’ve touched on the beauty of the colours and illustrations. But the words. Oh the words.

Never have I encountered such a wonderful story about colour. The life Sophie brings to the colours and the light that she brings to your imagination as you read…pure joy.

Let me show you:

“Hmmm…don’t colours in a box seem like birds shut up in a cage? The poor creatures don’t know where to go, they know nothing outside their cage. So let’s free them, and see where they go.”

“Beauty is very fleeting. It is there for one moment, and then it glides away swiftly, like a cat.”

She carries this narrative of colour having its own life throughout the book; moving and reflecting and changing.


She describes emotions in colours and even lays out some basic instruction for the new artist to become acquainted with colours and to bring them to life.

She teaches us to look for colour in everything, because everything is full of colour or shades of colour.

Little Brother and I poured over this book for over an hour, talking about the pictures, the colours, the author’s collection (or shrine, as she calls it) of colour.

She ends her beautiful book and the story of colour with this simple instruction…

“…keep looking!”

A more beautiful book in every sense I have not had the pleasure of reading.

Should the desire to make some space for a little calm and beauty in your life take hold, find yourself a copy of The Colour Book, pour yourself a cup of something warm, break off a small piece of that dark chocolate you’ve been hiding at the back of your cupboard and…indulge.


I received a copy of The Colour Book on review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions stated in this post are my own.


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