Of Pumpkins and Kids

As my husband said, “No guts, no glory.”

Or should that be “No guts, no gory“?

The carving was not the epic success I imagined. Both kids are into it, of course, and of age to handle a knife (a small one). But their attention span is short…and toys were beckoning.

They did manage to draw faces on their pumpkins and clean out the guts. Following those tasks, Little Brother spent most of his time harassing Big Sister with pumpkin goo. And harassed she was.

She was a good sport about it, though. We were all having a good time.

Big Sister, who was once so cool with the slippery, icky work of cleaning out a pumpkin, spent most of her time trying to get away from Little Brother.

Halloween15_2Mid-way through it all, the kids disappeared and we were left with two pumpkins to carve and seeds to clean and toast. (Thank God for my husband.)

As he rammed the tiny pumpkin carving saw over and over again into the seemingly tougher than usual pumpkin, he said, “Next year, we’re only getting one pumpkin.) Because this…

Halloween15_1…smiling faces, eager attitudes…didn’t last long…and one pumpkin is enough work for busy parents.


1 thought on “Of Pumpkins and Kids

  1. shoes

    Hahaha! That was us last year. This year… we have four pumpkins sitting by our front door…not a single one carved. I am hoping they can quietly stay like that and if not, I vote for painted pumpkins. 🙂


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