Oat Milk

I’ve been experimenting with my Blendtec lately; trying new milks and breads.

I’m always looking for simple and delicious. I’ve got kids, so I need to save time and make things that my kids will eat.

Almond milk was a hit with the over-four-feet-tall crowd in my house. The under-four-feet not so much. They’ll grow into it.

Peanut butter bread was a hit with everyone.

After I wrote about making almond milk, a blogger friend of mine mentioned oat milk. It certainly peaked my curiosity. It has never been on my radar before. In fact, I can’t say outright that I hadn’t heard of it before. I’m sure I had, but I just never really paid attention. All sorts of nut milks are on my list of things to make (I love nuts), but oat milk?

I do love a lot of things that are made with oats, though, like oatmeal, oatmeal cookies (my mom’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are the best!), homemade granola bars, oat crusted fish, oat crusted chicken and so on. But I’d never really considered oat milk before.

I’m always up for something new, though. So today, oat milk was it.

My friend sent me a link to a blog that had a recipe for it. I followed the recipe and it turned out great.

It meets all my criteria: simple, delicious, minimal fuss. There’s no planning ahead with this except that it’s better cold, so you have to refrigerate it once it’s made and waiting for it to get cold takes some patience. But to make it, you don’t have to remember to soak the oats like you do when you make almond milk.

You can drink this sweetened or not. Since oats are kind of sweet once soaked in liquid, I wasn’t planning on sweetening the milk, but I thought I should give it a try just to see what it was like.

I bought some old fashioned rolled oats at the Bulk Barn (I only had quick oats at home to make breakfast in a flash for me and the kids). I also picked up the pitted and dried medjool dates at the Bulk Barn. (Thought I’d use what was called for in the recipe rather than honey or agave syrup, which are my two go-to liquid sweeteners.) (I’ll try it with honey next time I make it…because there will be a next time.)


The easy part comes next:

Pour the three cups of water and the one cup of oats into the Blendtec and hit Whole Juice.


It blends up nicely. It looks very creamy.


I then poured the liquefied oats through my cloth strainer. (I will try using cheesecloth next time. The oats got so well-blended in the Blendtec that the liquid just wouldn’t strain through my cloth the way it does with almond milk.)


The recipe suggested you could drink the oat milk unstrained if you like it thicker. I was pretty sure that a thicker milk wouldn’t bother me, but I like to try recipes exactly as written the first time, then the next time I will stray from the prescribed method. Anyway, what happened was I couldn’t squeeze the liquid through the cloth with all those finely ground oats in the bottom of the cloth, so I just dumped it all back into the blender and added the dates and vanilla and blended it again on the Whole Juice setting. (You can kind of see the film of blended oats in the cloth. It took a good five minutes of rinsing the cloth under hot water to get rid of the oatmeal paste. Not a bit deal…just saying.)


It turned out great. Rich, thick, creamy, not too sweet.


With a less powerful blender, you probably would want to strain it a bit. And next time I make it, I will strain it using cheesecloth to see what the difference is.

I make our breakfast oatmeal using milk, not water. I can see this oat milk being a great liquid to use in place of milk for making oatmeal because it’s all the same flavour and oh so creamy.

Thanks to Being Mummy at elskenewman.com for the suggested recipe! It was simple and cheap to make. You should give it a try!




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