About me

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, mother, writer, editor, blogger, tweeter, chauffeur, organizer, planner, dreamer, friend, and sometimes, I’m me.

And “me” is a busy mom running ragged and trying to keep up but who is trying desperately to live a more mindful life for the sake of my kids and our planet.

I blog about trying to be the mom and person I want to be even on the days when the world forces me to admit that I can only be who I am.

What will you find on my blog? A little bit of everything. (I swear I suffer from attention deficit disorder. I can’t focus on writing about just one thing.)

I love writing about food. I also write about my kids and motherhood and the struggles and triumphs from journeying through it all with those little wonders that I helped bring into the world.

I enjoy supporting and writing about things that I believe in, so sometimes you might find a review or an article about something that has appealed to me in some way.

Oh, and the reason my blog is called Life Takes Over…well, because it does. And it should. We should all let life in, all of its messiness, chaotic moments, angry moments, loving moments, everything. We should open ourselves up to it all and just LIVE IT. And that’s what I aim to do, here on the blog and out there IRL.

Join me on my journey as life takes over. You can also join me here and here if you’re looking for more.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Kit

    Nancy, I nominated you for the Blog On Fire Award (again? 🙂 )! There’s a post on my blog where you can get the logo. Keep writing great posts! 🙂


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