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Dealing with Childhood Anxiety

We’re into the first official full week of school. Most kids have already settled in. For my daughter, I don’t even think there was a dividing line between summer and school. She takes it all in stride.

But what if a child doesn’t take it all in stride? What if the anxiety of going back to school (or starting any new activity) is too much for that child? How do you ensure a smooth transition?

Here are some ways courtesy of The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre to help make the transition a smoother one: Continue reading


First Day of School

I’ve been thinking about this post all week.

It’s an exciting time, back-to-school. Especially for the younger ones who don’t yet dread tests and homework.

But what struck me the most this year was that it’s also a time for reconnecting. Continue reading

Lunchbox Makeover

I’ve got the jitters. Not the back-to-school jitters. Not the end-of-summer jitters.

The LUNCHBOX jitters.

My daughter was in half-day kindergarten last year. This year, she’s in grade one. That means I have to make lunches for her every day. And she’s a picky eater. (Although we discovered this summer while she was going to day camp that she really likes cold cuts on croissants. Not sure how healthy that choice is long term, but hey, she’s eating! And sometimes that all you can ask for.)

Another thing we discovered is she loves milk. And she would rather have milk with her lunch than a juice box. You may recall I once scoured the grocery aisles of several grocery stores looking for milk in Tetra Paks to no avail. And then Milk Unleashed contacted me and my problems were solved.

And now Milk Unleashed is back again to help busy parents with their lunch box conundrums. Check it out: Continue reading

The enthusiasm of the day

Floating around the Internet tonight, I’m sure you’ll find a gazillion posts about back-to-school. Mommy blogs and Daddy blogs will explode with pictures and stories about their little one’s first day back at school, how it went, what went well, what went wrong and what the rest of the year will be like based on first impressions of the teacher.

Well, this blog is no different.

So here’s my take on my kid’s back-to-school adventure. Continue reading

Tips for Back to School Success

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 28, 2012

Light in the Attic co-founder and Academic Director David Laredo has summarized his four core steps to learning success. He helps students master these skills in one on one tutoring and he’s happy to share his advice to help students prepare for a productive, positive and fun year of learning. Continue reading

Right way :: Wrong way

Ever say something to your child that you wished you could take back? And then in the same thought, considered that maybe you shouldn’t take it back because kids need to understand the reality of life as much as they need to learn how to tie their shoelaces or wipe their own bums?

I had one of those moments tonight. Continue reading

I’m all about family organization: HatchedIt helps with that

I’m an organized person. I like to think I am, anyway. And I use various tools to help keep me organized. In this day and age, the tools I use are mostly electronic. But despite electronic conveniences, I do keep a calendar on the wall where I write events to which my family has been invited. This way, when someone invites us to something and it’s my husband they have asked, he can go right to the calendar and say, “Sure, we’re free that day.” Or “No, sorry. It looks like we’ve already got something on the calendar.” Continue reading