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Blatant lying, relentless behaviour

Blatant lies drive me mad. Recently, my son requested a peanut butter lollipop. This is a treat in our house when Mommy is making a peanut butter sandwich. I scoop a generous portion of peanut butter onto a big spoon and each kid gets a peanut butter lollipop.

Well, I gave one to my son while I was working at the kitchen table and explained to him that when he was done, he could just put his spoon in the sink and go back to doing what he was doing because Mommy had to get some work done.

Well, after he finished, his sister asked for one. So, obliging mother that I am, I gave one to her. Only to have Little Brother tromp back into the kitchen adamant that he had not had one and that it was unfair that his sister got to have one. And he wouldn’t let.it.go. He was relentless. Continue reading


On spoiling

If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.

I can’t remember who told me this, but it makes so much sense.

And so does the list below that I found on GoodEnoughMother.com. (The points in bold are from Good Enough Mother. She elaborates on her list on her site. I have chosen to make my own comments about each point below.)

  1. STOP HOVERING – they will figure it out on their own…eventually.
  2. DON’T GIVE THEM EVERYTHING – they’ll never learn the value of anything.
  3. MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS KNOW THEY ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE – if you don’t teach them this, someone else will.
  4. TEACH THEM LIFE IS NOT LINEAR – sometimes you have to go backward to go forward.
  5. LET THEM FAIL – it teaches them how to succeed.

And a little visual reminder…a cartoon that I quite like for its brutal honesty.

Screaming cartoon child

Boo boo Boo hoo

Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa!

That’s me crying behind a locked bathroom door. It was the kids who had boo boos. But I was the one crying. How does that work? Continue reading

A trip to the dentist

The title of this post may lead you to believe that I recently accomplished another mundane parenting task. I took my daughter to the dentist. Continue reading

Then enters a calm

Lately I’ve been feeling calmer. So have my kids. I don’t know what has come over me. I’ve read two parenting books, both fairly different in their philosophies.

But both books spoke to me and centered me. I am, rather suddenly, a more confident parent. Continue reading

The argumentative child

Walking to school this morning, about 20 minutes before the bell was to ring, my daughters asks, “Did my bell go yet?”

I reply, “No, sweetie.” To which my daughter answers, “Yes it did.”

We walk on, hand in hand, in silence. Continue reading

“Strict” parental control really is (for me) sweet success

Recently, I have slipped a bit in the “controlling screen time department.” Generally speaking, my children get 1.5 hours of TV per day (At home, that is. What they do outside our home is basically out of my control.)

It breaks down something like this: Continue reading