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Best laid plans

What is it with Murphy? This law of his really is the pits.

It happens to everyone. I know I’m not special. But why is it that whenever you plan something, or things need to go a certain way, something always happens to throw a wrench in it?

Take this week, for example. I run a conference for the company I work for. The conference is this Wednesday. I need to be in the office the two days leading up to the conference to make sure everything for the day of the conference is done, the handouts are printed and delivered, the banners and posters arrive and are correct, the name tags are ready, etc., etc.

But guess what? Continue reading


Cuba – You always want what you can’t have

Standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dinner dishes, listening to my kids scream and fight with each other, I wish I was in Cuba. I long for the buffet meals with nothing to clean up, the lazy walks around the pool and down to the beach, the afternoon naps in the shade of a palm tree.

Up to my elbows in dish soap suds and dirty pots and pans, I let my mind drift to our recent family vacation in Varadero, Cuba. Continue reading

The Great Fruit Smoothie Disaster

A bit of advice for you. Fruit smoothies and out-in-the-sun-all-day-really-close-to-nap-time toddlers don’t mix.

To enjoy some of the wonderfully hot but surprisingly not humid weather we have been experiencing, I set up a play date at a local splash pad for me and my kids with some friends of ours.

It could not have been a more perfect day. Up until 2pm that is. Continue reading

Staying on track

Last week, Husband sent me an excited, adamant text message mid-way through the day stating that he was done with crappy eating and he was cleaning up his act.

I jumped on his band wagon, eager to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading

Oh Indecision, how I hate you

You may recall I recently wrote about the incredible indecision that is plaguing me. If you need to catch up on that series of posts, you can do so here, here and here. Oh, and you could also check out this one.

Well, I have been thrown another curve ball. Continue reading

(Late) Midweek Confessions

So, I’ve been wanting to participate in this little link-up for sometime. But I always find out about it a few days after it happens by reading my cousin’s wife’s blog (note: she hasn’t linked up in a while, but her blog is still a great read!) Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Most people have a list of things they want to improve on in the new year.

I have decided that creating such a list is akin to spelling out all the things about myself that I don’t like and would like to change. And that list would be quite long if I got right down to it. Continue reading