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First day of school…online

School started again today (learning never stopped).

in this strange experiment of learning remotely and keeping kids engaged whilst not freaking anyone out and managing all sorts of emotions (mostly mine), we stepped it up a notch to teacher-led learning.

I gotta say, I’m impressed. I’m not an advocate for online learning and I’ve spent a good deal of time railing against the proposed mandatory e-learning in this province, but in a pinch and with no other options, I am happy that everyone seems to be working together to provide some kind of structured learning for students. They rolled it out well, too.

I did discover a gap in computer skills with my youngest, though. I had suspected earlier in the school year that what teachers were calling “computer class” was likely just a bunch of time on an iPad or Chromebook doing activities on the web. Don’t get me wrong; there is definitely a need to learn how to search and work on the internet. But there are so many other skills that are needed to work effectively (and efficiently) with computers.

I’m not buying the kids-are-too-young-to-learn-that-stuff line. And I don’t believe that they can just pick it up without some formal instruction.

I spent about 20 minutes with my kid today and explained some basic online navigation skills and gave him a quick tutorial on Google Docs and some other programs and then he worked quietly for an hour on a French assignment with his sister, researching things online and using a French-English dictionary (not the online type) where there were gaps in his online research.

It was a good day. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.