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Of Pumpkins and Kids

As my husband said, “No guts, no glory.”

Or should that be “No guts, no gory“?

The carving was not the epic success I imagined. Both kids are into it, of course, and of age to handle a knife (a small one). But their attention span is short…and toys were beckoning.

They did manage to draw faces on their pumpkins and clean out the guts. Following those tasks, Little Brother spent most of his time harassing Big Sister with pumpkin goo. And harassed she was.

She was a good sport about it, though. We were all having a good time.

Big Sister, who was once so cool with the slippery, icky work of cleaning out a pumpkin, spent most of her time trying to get away from Little Brother.

Halloween15_2Mid-way through it all, the kids disappeared and we were left with two pumpkins to carve and seeds to clean and toast. (Thank God for my husband.)

As he rammed the tiny pumpkin carving saw over and over again into the seemingly tougher than usual pumpkin, he said, “Next year, we’re only getting one pumpkin.) Because this…

Halloween15_1…smiling faces, eager attitudes…didn’t last long…and one pumpkin is enough work for busy parents.


Fun Food Friday Compilation

Life has been crazy lately. Busy with work. Busy with church. Busy with school council. Busy with kids’ activities. Busy with celebrations and parties. Just busy. I know you get it.

So, to keep it short and simple, and to catch up on some recently missed Fun Food Friday posts, here’s what’s been doin’ at our house on Fridays lately.

Fun Food Friday consisted of cooking with Mom and being "in charge" of what went in the food.

Fun Food Friday a couple weeks ago consisted of cooking with Mom and being “in charge” of what went in the food. It turned out pretty good.

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Five Minute Friday – Grace

Linking up with Lisa-Jo over on her site today.

It’s Five Minute Friday. The word is grace. Here’s how to play:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back to Lisa-Jo’s post and invite others to join in.
3. And then, absolutely no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. Seriously. That is, like, the rule. And the fun. And the heart of this community...


Two things collided this morning.

Yesterday, I volunteered at my daughter’s school, which gave me a chance to be with the teachers and the administration and to see the children in the environment in which they spend most of their waking hours absorbing, learning, grasping, growing, and attempting to comprehend their place in our world. Continue reading

Chocolate Milk for Trick or Treat!

Here it comes again! Halloween!

And all that candy!

Much as I love the fun and the dressing up and the excitement of my kids around this time of the year, I dread the fights over all that candy.

I’m not a scrooge. If they want to make themselves sick on it Halloween night, I say go for it!

But the next day, with all that junk left over, I just feel like all my efforts all year round to get my kids to eat healthy and be aware of the sugar that they put in their bodies go to waste.

Milk Unleashed presents a way around that problem. Halloween night, hand out single serving cartons of shelf safe chocolate milk—a sweet but nutritious treat for little ghouls and goblins.

Chocolate milk has all the protein, vitamins and nutrients that white milk has…with a little added sugar. And, according to my fitness fanatic husband, chocolate milk (along with a banana) is the preferred post-workout beverage for professional and amateur athletes.

And…turns out, Chocolate Milk is the Official Beverage of Halloween. So I can feel good about dropping a Tetra Pak of chocolate milk into a trick-or-treat bag!

Tetra Pak Milk

Check out Milk Unleashed’s October Cow Calendar, filled with facts about chocolate milk.

The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron

In an effort to keep my daughter entertained each morning while I work, I’m willing to try almost anything.

Generally, she’s not hard to keep occupied. She likes to draw and paint. She loves reading (although she would rather do this with me than alone). She can play with her dolls for what seems like hours.

But every now and again she hits the boredom wall. Drawing and painting lose their luster. Books just aren’t interesting. A movie or a TV show doesn’t even cut it. And don’t even mention her beloved dolls when she’s in one of those moods. Continue reading

Treats for kids

I question whether I treat my kids too often. I’m sure a lot of parents do.

In our house right now, we’re living by the Halloween Candy Rule that dictates that for the first one-week period following Halloween Night and the festivities of Trick or Treating, you can have a portion of your candy following every meal, including breakfast. (OK, so maybe I made that rule up, but still, it’s a rule in our house.) Continue reading

All Hallow’s Eve Returns to Old Fort Erie

Before we had kids, my husband and I spent our vacation time checking out different haunted locations, doing the tours and really spooking ourselves out, all in the name of fun and maybe a little history lesson here and there. Since having kids, well, not so much. Haunted tours generally don’t lend themselves to family entertainment for the under 5 set.

But this event, coming up at Old Fort Erie on All Hallow’s Eve, caught my eye. And the event is suitable for all ages.

Hubby and I just might be introducing the kids to a good ol’ haunted tour this year.

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Niagara Falls, ON – Experience the traditions of Halloween, 1812-style, brought to life through the ghosts of Canada’s bloodiest battlefield. Staff at The Niagara Parks Commission’s (NPC) Old Fort Erie are preparing the final details for these memorable tours, which will take place October 19 – 20 and October 26 – 27 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Continue reading