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Chocolate Milk for Trick or Treat!

Here it comes again! Halloween!

And all that candy!

Much as I love the fun and the dressing up and the excitement of my kids around this time of the year, I dread the fights over all that candy.

I’m not a scrooge. If they want to make themselves sick on it Halloween night, I say go for it!

But the next day, with all that junk left over, I just feel like all my efforts all year round to get my kids to eat healthy and be aware of the sugar that they put in their bodies go to waste.

Milk Unleashed presents a way around that problem. Halloween night, hand out single serving cartons of shelf safe chocolate milk—a sweet but nutritious treat for little ghouls and goblins.

Chocolate milk has all the protein, vitamins and nutrients that white milk has…with a little added sugar. And, according to my fitness fanatic husband, chocolate milk (along with a banana) is the preferred post-workout beverage for professional and amateur athletes.

And…turns out, Chocolate Milk is the Official Beverage of Halloween. So I can feel good about dropping a Tetra Pak of chocolate milk into a trick-or-treat bag!

Tetra Pak Milk

Check out Milk Unleashed’s October Cow Calendar, filled with facts about chocolate milk.


Fun Food Friday

It’s Fun Food Friday at our house!

This is the day of the week where food gets wacky.

Today we had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast. Yum! See what that looks like

RW Garcia – Snack Healthy this Fall

Yum. That about sums it up.

I came home from a meeting at my daughter’s school the other day to find this box on my doorstep.


Filled with delicious and healthy snacks, I was hard-pressed not to dig in before dinner.

And I thought I’d get them all to myself. (OK, I was going to share them with my husband, but I didn’t think I’d have to share them with my kids!)

These tasty snacks are made from stone ground organic non-GMO corn, contain no additives or preservatives, are verified non-GMO and are certified gluten free.

All that healthy stuff AND they taste great! So I took a baggie of them with them me to the bus stop to meet my kids after school. I offered them the snack expecting a resounding, “Yuck!” (My kids generally don’t like anything chip-like unless it’s full-on fried in grease and so salty you need a water chaser.)

To my surprise, they devoured the contents of the baggie that I brought with me, and then they asked for more. I chalked it up to after-school hunger pangs.

When we got home, I showed them the box I had received and offered them the variety of flavours. To choose from, they had English Cheddar Dippers, Sweet Potato Dippers, Veggie Dippers, Flax, and Sweet & Spicy Thai. I figured they might like one or two of the flavours, but they munched their way through the bags as if they had never tasted anything so good. And my daughter has been asking me each day to make sure I pack any of the flavours in her lunch box for her snacks at school.

RW Garcia_Veggie CANRW Garcia_Thai CANRW Garcia_Sweet Potato CANRW Garcia_FlaxRW Garcia_English Cheddar CAN

I have picky eaters, as you may know, so I’m surprised they like them so much…but then, these corn chips are so good, how could they not like them? The texture, the flavours (the fact that I don’t feel so guilty chowing down on them or feeding them to my kids); they are great. Definitely a new snack addition on my grocery list.

Wanna try them? They are available in Canada at Fairway Market, Tru-Value, Bulk Barn and other grocery chains and health and specialty stores. RW Garcia Co. is based in San Jose, California, so they are also available in the US.

Rethinking Weight

In an effort to be healthy, I poured myself a bowl of dried fruits, seeds and nuts.

I was starving. Having eaten breakfast at 6:00 am, and not a very big breakfast at that, I was running on fumes. Which, of course, resulted in my eyes being bigger than my belly.


And since my life is full of rush rush rush right now, I poured a bunch of stuff into a bowl, grabbed a spoon and sat down at my computer to work (and not really pay attention to what I was eating or how it was making me feel, because, really, who has time to savour their food anymore? Certainly not me.)

After about six tablespoon-fulls, my tummy and my taste buds were making me sit up and take notice. Continue reading

Healthy Eating Starts at Home

I read this article in the Globe and Mail recently about connecting eating disorders to school health programs.

Now, some of it may be fact, some of it may be based on fact but spun by the writer to suit the paper’s take on the situation. And some of it may be taken completely out of context to illustrate a point. I haven’t looked at the research. I can’t say either way.

What I can and will comment on is the emphasis put on the school to promote healthy eating and weight management.

Since when did we make the school system fully responsible for the health of our children? Continue reading

Permission to let go

Tonight marked the first of six weeks of soccer for my kids.

It starts early in the evening, which was a requirement of mine when I went looking for soccer for them. (Currently, my daughter is enrolled in Beavers, and Beaver night is always a late bedtime night. Not good for kid in question. Not good for kid’s parents.)

So the deal for me to get them there on time and keep them nourished and hydrated throughout their playing time is to get a healthy on-the-go dinner packed up along with some interesting (read: junk food) snacks and plenty of water. Then I have to pick my son up at daycare, pick my daughter up at school (she normally takes the school bus home) and then scoot to the south part of the city and deliver them to the soccer field. Continue reading

Milk Unleashed Canada Giveaway!


So, my daughter started school last year and, despite hating milk for the first 2.5 years of her life, she could not go a day without a glass as she rounded the corner to September of her JK year. What’s a mother to do? Continue reading