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Humans are amazing

So, I’m all over here, like, lying in my own way, asking: How do I motivate myself? What’s a good book to read on motivation this week? How do I make myself do stuff? Why is it so hard to open a Word document and start typing all the words that are whirling around in my head? Why can’t I get out of my chair and go to the bathroom seven feet away (I really have to pee)?

And then I open Instagram and see how freaking amazing humans are and I’m not the least bit upset that I’m not that amazing because I am so amazing in my own way.

I mean, check out this human:

And this one:


I love humans. Makes me want to hug my kids and make a special dinner for them.

Hugs all!

Recently finished the 4% Fix by Karma Brown

The 4% Fix by Karma Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My review on Goodreads: Useful information. Very similar to other books on the same theme. I like her delivery. And I’m a Torontonian, so it never hurts to support a fellow Canadian, especially from the same city. Worth a read if you’re looking for motivation.

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9 days to listen to the audiobook version on my way to and from drop-off and pickup. (15 minutes each way)

Her 4% Fix theory motivated me to get out of bed earlier by 15 minutes. (I already rise at 5am.)

Some great tips in this book. It was an entertaining delivery. I’ll probably read it again in the future if I’m needing a little fire lit under me.