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Kidz Bop in Canada

Kidz Bop, the #1 U.S. kids’ music brand is coming to Canada from July 1-4.

With summer upon us and camp not starting quite yet, I was thinking I would check this out with my kids.

Kids Bop will be performing at
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Three little birds

My family’s theme song. It’s Sunday morning. We’re getting ready for church. The kids are a little cranky. We’re all a little tired.

My husband pulls out his iPod and finds Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. Big Sister dances around the living room, iPod in hand. An argument breaks out between Big Sister and Little Brother over who is going to hold the iPod.

I pull up YouTube on the computer and stream the same song for Little Brother to distract him from the iPod. Continue reading

Captured by Christmas Carols

I’ve been playing Christmas music since the day after Santa rolled into town in the local parade. Two radio stations that I get in my area are playing non-stop Christmas music. (Complain if you will, but I love it!)

So do my kids. Every morning in the car on the way to preschool, we listen to music. Up until mid-November, that music was children’s songs and nursery rhymes. Effective mid-November, the Christmas music took over.

There was not a bit of resistance from my children, bless their little souls. Is it possible to love my children more? Because I do now that I know that they share my extreme love of Christmas music.

From the constant repetition (again, complain if you will, but I love it), my children have learned just about every lyric to all the popular (some would say overplayed) Christmas songs. And they know all of the classics. And what lyrics they don’t know, they make up.

The fact they can sing more than just Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman warms my heart because, while playing or doing a chore, both my kids will spontaneously break into song, and it’s often a more classic tune. Christmas music has captured their hearts as much as it has captured mine.

Merry Christmas to me!

“Take This Town” – the album

One word: entranced.

I’m a big music fan. Any kind of music. I have my favourites (don’t hate me for my country music obsession).

But really, if it moves me, I like it.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a new album by Makenzie Caine, singer, actor, writer and designer. She has a stunning voice. I was instantly entranced. Continue reading

From a Freudian slip comes a realization

So I’m singing along with the kids to one of their CDs in the car this morning and the chorus of the song goes something like this: Continue reading

The Spring Concert – a glimpse into the future

Grandparents and little brother in tow, my husband and I attended our daughter’s first ever Spring concert. Continue reading

Music is my life

Well, not exactly. I like music. I can sort of jingle out a tune on the piano and I played clarinet in the school band. I also started learning guitar when I first met the man who would become my husband (admittedly, it was mostly to impress him because he played guitar and he had a thing for chicks who played guitar).

But I digress. (Don’t I always?) Continue reading