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New Year’s Day Walk

Life takes over. It always does. Starting a new decade makes me look back at how life has taken over already and gives me pause to consider how much more intentional I must be so that life can’t just take over.

Wanting to start this decade right, I searched my brain for something simple. That’s my plan this year: simple.

A hike came to mind. Time outside, and, as much as possible, surrounded by nature.

That hike turned into a walk with my family from my house to my parents house. That’s a 2.5 hour walk. Some of it along bike paths through forested areas along a river. Some of it along busy streets with the sun streaming through high rises. All of it with my kids and my husband, talking about what the new year and new decade will bring, what we’re leaving behind in the last year and the last decade, how far we’ve come, how we’ve grown and the work still to be done.

We reached my parents house tired, wind burned and hungry, but mostly full of joy.

The walk did us all good. There was a goal far enough away to push us to keep going, but not so far as to be impossible even if it was harder toward the end of our walk.

As we set goals for the new year and reflect on the year that has passed, I will look at our New Year’s Day walk as an inspiration.

We started our walk happy and excited by the challenge of covering such a long distance. I am full of the same positivity for the coming year and the things I have planned.

During our walk, we were at times tired but persevered and found games and songs to play and sing to take our minds off our tired legs and aching feet. I know I’ll face exhaustion with my goals this year, but I will remember our New Year’s Day walk and how we distracted ourselves from the pain of the work with fun and joyful activities. I will look for the fun and joy in the hard work and take time to enjoy them as they come when I feel tired of pushing through.

Toward the end of the walk, we were quiet and hungry and cold and had lost sight of the fun, instead checking our watches and counting down the last kilometres and minutes to our destination. But one of us always rallied. One of us picked up the pace or started singing or said something encouraging to keep the rest of us moving. Facing my goals in 2020 and beyond, I know there will be times when I want to quit, times when I feel like I can’t push ahead. During those times, I will reach out to others to hear encouraging words and I will keep moving forward to the destination, enjoying the sun and wind and trees along the way.