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The Cityhook

My kids are past the stroller stage, but I would’ve killed to have these hooks when I was pushing a stroller around town.


They velcro onto your stroller, car seat, crib, wherever you need an extra hand (and let’s face it, what mom (or dad) doesn’t need an extra hand?) And because there’s no clip, you can easily slip bags on and off of the hook.

Since I don’t need them for extra baggage on a stroller, I have found other handy ways to use the cityhook. Since winter hit, our car floor has been covered in slush and salt from our messy boots. So, whenever we get in the car, the bottoms of my purse and my kids’ backpacks get wet and covered with muck.

We fastened one of these to the head rest of the front seat and, voilà! A hook for purses and backpacks…and no more messy bottoms!

On top of being very useful, they are moderately priced and they come in pairs. You can get them from choopie.com.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a pair of cityhooks for review (but they have come in very handy and I love them!) I received no other compensation and the opinions above are entirely my own.


The Power of Thought

I don’t think I need reminding. I totally get that my thoughts, good or bad, affect outcomes in my life on a daily basis.

Yet, clearly, the universe deems it necessary to remind me—and sometimes with the oddest sense of humour—that I should be careful what I wish for. Continue reading

Makin’ it through the day

Sometimes life needs a little perspective. I find that this is more true now that I am a mother. Funny enough, it has taken me the last four years to really understand that perspective can be everything.

Here’s a list of things learned in three years of parenting written by Kathleen over at a blog about what: Continue reading

Full of Inspiration


I read a few blogs that I find interesting, funny, down-to-earth, helpful, etc. Continue reading

The Realistic Family

My mother often says that my father was raised on Leave It To Beaver. And by that she means that TV was his babysitter and that’s where he gets his ideas about “family”. Continue reading

man scolding a boy

Parenting tactics

So, I’ve been trying a tactic with my toddler. Whenever he does something that he’s not supposed to do, for example, pulling on the curtains, I tell him, in my best stern mommy voice, to stop pulling on the curtains. I add a “please” to the end of my instruction, partly to teach politeness and manners by example and partly because all of my teaching by example has led my four-year-old to become the politeness police. I’d be severely reprimanded if I didn’t finish with a “please” or a “thank-you”. Continue reading

The little things

I was walking back to my car after dropping my daughter off at school when I realized I had something in my hand. I opened my hand and there, cradled in my palm, was a small pebble, a perfectly formed decor stone, and a little pink and white button.

In the rush of getting my daughter into her classroom this morning, she must have put these little treasures in my hand without me realizing it. And now, there they were, to remind me of her as I rushed off to work.

It gave me pause (and made me incredibly happy) to see these three little items to which she attached so much importance. I knew I had to keep them safe for her and return them to her when I picked her up from school.

Those little treasures, now so important to me, are tiny symbols of the trust she has in me to take care of her and of her things.

In our busy life, I often expect her to remind me of things that she needs or wants. I’m trying to teach her to be responsible for herself. I forget that she’s only a little girl and all she needs to be “responsible” for is having fun and learning. As her mom, it’s my job, regardless of how busy I am, to take care of her so that she is free to have fun and to learn.

And these little treasures she has entrusted me with, these are little pieces of her that she has given to me to teach me how to better take care of her. She has reached inside my busy mind and given me hope that I can be the mom she needs me to be, even on the days when I am so tired and so busy that I can’t slow down enough to breathe. All I have to do is look at the picture on my phone (which is forever with me even when she can’t be), and be transported to that moment when I saw her message through three tiny treasures.