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My Handy Little Health Journal

A short while ago, I was lamenting the fact that I had a health file that was about three inches thick with papers and cards spilling out everywhere. Definitely not a convenient package to be carting to the doctor. Although the information it contained was vital at some of my appointments.

It got me thinking about these two notebooks I kept when I was pregnant with both my kids. I wrote down all my appointments, kept notes about things my OBGYN (first kid) and midwife (second kid) said, and generally jotted down things related to my pregnancies and questions to ask the next time I had an appointment.

But these notebooks had no structure. They were just Dollar Store books that served the purpose when nothing else was available.

Recently, I received My Handy Little Health Journal to review. Wished I’d had this neat little book when I was pregnant. But I’m glad I have it now.


It has some great features like tips on eating smarter, reducing stress and sleeping better. It has sections to fill in your family medical history, record important medical information, prepare questions in advance for your doctor, document prescriptions, keep track of appointments, record comments or recommendations from your doctors and more. Continue reading


Dealing with Childhood Anxiety

We’re into the first official full week of school. Most kids have already settled in. For my daughter, I don’t even think there was a dividing line between summer and school. She takes it all in stride.

But what if a child doesn’t take it all in stride? What if the anxiety of going back to school (or starting any new activity) is too much for that child? How do you ensure a smooth transition?

Here are some ways courtesy of The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre to help make the transition a smoother one: Continue reading

Carrying a Heavy Load

It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.

Isn’t it funny how some days we can handle what life throws at us and other days we hang on by a thread and no matter what we do, we just can’t pull through? Continue reading

Test Success: a book review

Now here’s something I wish I had as a student: an instruction manual on “how to be calm, confident and focused on any test”.

I recently read such a book: Test Success! The author, Dr. Ben Bernstein, Ph.D, identifies nine key tools for school success. He uses a balanced mind-body-spirit approach that boils down to being calm, having confidence, and maintaining focus.Test Success! book cover

From this book I learned there are four primary causes of poor scores: Continue reading

The Power of Love

When I think I am alone, God sends me a reminder.

When I think I have done wrong or could do better, God lets me know that I’m doing my best; that as long as I keep my heart open and bring love to the table, I’m doing good.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today, as I rushed through life, stressing about things that stress me out (pick from the pile; there are many things right now from which to choose), and fought with my husband over things that we shouldn’t be fighting about, and got annoyed with my kids for little things they did that slowed my frantic pace to the finish line, I looked for a reminder. I searched in the madness and the anger and the exhaustion for something that would tie up the loose ends of at least one part of my scattered self.

I found it here:

The Power of Love

The voices in my head

So I’m busy. I know you get it. You’re probably a parent, too. And even if you aren’t, who isn’t busy these days?

I haven’t been spending much time on writing lately and I’ve got a million ideas swimming around in my head trying to get onto the screen. But without the help of my fingers to type out the words, those ideas are just going to have to hang out in my brain for a while longer.

Despite not having much time, I felt the need to sit down and get this thought out before it turns into a voice in my head and drives me bananas. It has to do with those thoughts that buzz around in my head and turn into voices.

After dropping my son off at preschool, my daughter and I came home and settled into our morning routine (me at the computer working and her playing with her toys or drawing pictures). But this morning on our way back from preschool drop-off, she made a new imaginary friend, Clarabel.

Clarabel  is a chicken. And apparently quite cute when she’s sleeping (I had to carry her in from the car when we pulled in the driveway so that she wouldn’t wake up.) Once we were inside, my daughter had to tell me all about Clarabel and how Clarabel had come to live with us because my daughter wants a sister. Clarabel will sleep in Little Brother’s room because he doesn’t sleep in there anymore. And Clarabel is in Senior Kindergarten and will go to school with my daughter. And her birthday was yesterday so she is five now. And so on and so on.

For 40 straight minutes, my daughter never stopped talking. And of course, when I first get in the house and log into work, I have correspondence to catch up on, projects to set in motion, a To-Do list to make, and most of these things I’m doing in my head; talking myself through the tasks and then moving onto the next thing. With my daughter’s non-stop talking this morning, my brain could hardly get a thought in edgewise.

And that’s when it hit me. My daughter wasn’t interrupting my train of thought. The voices in my head were interrupting my daughter.

I work from home in the mornings to be with my daughter because she only goes to school in the afternoon. Next year, she’ll be going to school all day and I’ll be in the office all day. This time is short. I can arrange my work patterns so that I can be more attentive to my daughter right now while she is with me and not treat her like an interruption to my work.

She understands when I have to get something done, and she leaves me alone to do it. But first thing in the morning, she usually wants to talk for a bit. So, from now on, instead of my daughter interrupting me, I’m going to tell the voices in my head to stop interrupting my daughter.

Oh Indecision, how I hate you

You may recall I recently wrote about the incredible indecision that is plaguing me. If you need to catch up on that series of posts, you can do so here, here and here. Oh, and you could also check out this one.

Well, I have been thrown another curve ball. Continue reading