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Systems, goals, failure, progress

The thing is, I like systems. I am attracted to things that are created to be connected and that have reminders and goals and progress reports.

I spend a lot of time coming up with systems. Most of them don’t work. I don’t think that’s because I’m bad at designing systems (ok, maybe a little bit). I think it’s because it’s not systems that I need. Systems are what I want.

A nice tidy box to put all the steps in. And then, as I need to progress toward the goal, I can pull out a step and do it, and that moves me forward.

And I want this for my kids, too. I want them to set goals and work toward them and see their progress, their growth.

But I forget that I have spent years reading about goal setting and systems and growth and my kids have not. And no matter what information I share with them, they don’t get it because my problem lies in translating what I have learned into something they can learn from.

So, back to systems. I am designing a system to teach them about goal setting and progress and growth. And I’ve discovered that not being able to stick to one idea at a time is the real problem. Not the lack of a system or the lack of a goal. It’s the sticking to it.

Are my systems and goals not sticky enough? Maybe. Is my brain too full of clutter to focus properly on only one thing? Probably. So what’s my first step, then, before setting the goal or designing the system?

Learn to focus.

This is the hard thing. This is the not-so-fun thing. This is the thing that I have to do if I want my systems to work, if I want to reach a goal, if I want to teach my kids goal setting and focused growth.

So, I’m going to set up a system, a very simple system, to learn how to focus.