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Winter fun, but come on spring!

With Family Day coming up in Ontario, there are lots of things to do. Usually, we just hang out, play outside (weather permitting). This year, we might take in one of Toronto’s many attractions.

There’s the new Ripley’s Aquarium or we could go to the Zoo, or even to a our local zoo at High Park.

And now that the kids have skates, we’ll probably do some skating, too, if the weather’s nice.

We’ll likely go out for dinner and take advantage of a local, family-friendly eatery. Got any suggestions?

February’s a short month, and with three big events for us, it’s a busy month. It should fly by fast.

And then onto warmer weather! Come on Spring!

But wait, there are birthdays and St. Paddy’s Day to celebrate first!

We can’t forget the Toronto St. Patrick’s Day Parade! We love parades! And maybe, just maybe, the temperature will go up enough to really enjoy the St. Paddy’s Day parade in beautiful sunshine and crisp soon-to-be-spring air! Maybe we’ll see ya there!

St. Patrick's Day Parade Route 2014


Winter dry skin relief = George’s Special Dry Skin Cream

I have found the solution to my family’s dry skin problem: George’s Special Dry Skin Cream.

George's Cream

My little guy is always complaining about how itchy his legs are and no matter how much cream I slather on him, his skin still feels dry and flaky a short time later.

My husband and I are the same way. With two kids (one still kind of in diapers) and colds and runny noses, I probably wash my hands 100 times a day or more. And you know what hot water and soap does to your skin. I swear I only have one layer of epidermis left covering my very raw knuckles. Continue reading

A dose of cold

Went grocery shopping. Took both my kids. Didn’t put snowpants on them. We were only going from the house to the car and the car to the store.

While I was buckling my daughter into her carseat, my son decided to jump off the front step into a snow pile in our tiny garden. He sank right up to his waist. When I pulled him out (literally 3 seconds after he jumped in), he left little circles of no snow. Continue reading

The Joy of Snow

I, along with many other people in the city, fought the snow this morning.

Luckily, my car was parked in the garage overnight and did not ice up or get snowed under. So my morning started out OK. Continue reading