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Experiment updates

This was the rough plan for Experiment #1:

Sometime early morning: get up, make bed, make breakfast and eat together, then clean up breakfast dishes and bake something to have later

Mid-morning: clean up baking and pull out some math problems or games

Lunch time: make lunch and eat together, then clean up

Mid-afternoon: go for a walk by the river, discover what nature has to reveal

Late afternoon: write about the river walk, read a book, play a game

After a few weeks home together and one official week of school guided by the kids’ teachers, we’ve kind of made this our routine. I’m proud of us.

There have been some adjustments, as I’d expected, but mostly, this week has been pretty good.

We don’t all eat breakfast together. (And sometimes I don’t eat at all because my son likes to do his own cooking and I take that time to get in some extra editing.)

The cleaning up is mostly left to me to do later in the day (which I often end up leaving for my husband when he gets home from work at the end of the day).

The plan for mid-morning school work has settled into a slightly different plan with my son (who is up early) logging into his Google Classroom and getting his work mostly done before his sister wakes up. She then logs in and gets her work done. School work is usually wrapped up by 11:30 am.

After that, there are a few chores to be done, some outside time and quiet time for the kids, playing, reading or drawing. Then it’s lunch and free WiFi time in the afternoon while I work. Three days a week there is online soccer training for my son.

Experiment #2 of me going outside every day hasn’t always panned out. I do think about it, but sometimes the hours just slip away and the next thing I know it’s evening and I don’t want to go out because everyone is home. I have to get better at that.

But basically, that’s where we’re at. It’s lonely being away from friends physically, but we all have tech ways to connect and we’re doing our best to stay in touch with friends and family.

I hope your physical distancing time is going well and that you’re staying safe and sane. On to the next week!