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Family Day in Ontario

Tomorrow is Family Day in Ontario; a day for families to slow down, disconnect from our devices and connect with each other. That’s a hard thing to do in this rushed and wired world.

But here are some ideas from Childventures Early Learning Academy on how to incorporate technology into reconnecting with our families this Family Day:

Family Day Ideas

Family Day gives parents a great opportunity to spend valuable quality time with their children.

 Work and Family Balance

Use this opportunity to take a break from work and spend quality time with the family. Take a vacation (with or without pay) and if feasible, go out of town for the weekend. If going away is out of the question, camp in your own backyard. Parents get a chance to step away from their everyday life while it increases a child’s awareness of his/her surroundings and allow them to discover nature. Try to experience outdoor camping activities by making a list together.

 Dressing up

Let children pick out their clothing (with guidance) for the weekend. To make things more exciting, allow children to redesign some old articles of clothing by embellishing them with gems, beads and paint. It’s fun and it encourages creativity and planning. Let your child take the lead with this activity.


Act as tourists in your own city. Find out about local events, and visit some exhibitions and/or historical landmarks. Grow the excitement by allowing children to plan the week. Do online research together and find activities that interest them. Be more active, if weather permits, go rollerblading or hiking. Fitness Fact: Almost 60% of today’s children don’t meet average fitness standards; 40% of five- to eight-year-olds are classified as obese.

Limit Technology Use

Leaving technology behind does not require leaving your home. For a night or two, arrange your own blackout. Make sure you prepare yourself in advance with flashlights and candles, snacks, water bottles, and board games. This will allow families to spend quality time together without electronics.

 In the City

Take children to a clay oven pottery shop where you can make and paint coffee mugs and cereal bowls together. Encourage children to paint something special on their pottery and customize it by writing their name on it. The store will put them in an oven (kiln) and you can pick them up a few days later. This becomes a great keepsake.


Ask children to choose a country and plan the special dinner together. Cooking together can result in many benefits, more than just spending quality time and having fun. When it comes to cooking, the activity can result in developing a child’s social and language skills, teaching them how to work in a team. The physical aspects of cooking can develop both gross and fine motor skills in children. It is also a great opportunity for children to develop their math skills and learn scientific concepts, like the changing states of matter. After cooking the meal, download some music to play during dinner and learn some interesting facts about the country to share at the table.


About CHILDVENTURES EARLY LEARNING ACADEMY—Childventures was founded when Dr. Heidary was unable to find the high level of care he was seeking for his own young child. As a doctor he had read the research showing the importance of the formative early years and he was looking for something better than he found. As busy professionals with full—time careers, he and his wife were seeking a loving place with caring people, qualified educators and caregivers, great programs and curriculums designed to influence neurological development at specific ages, a sequential program of learning at each stage with measurement systems to track progress, a secure, safe, modern environment, beautiful classes and play areas, a fun, child—focused atmosphere that embodies play techniques, a strong nutritional component, teacher—to—child ratios congruent with learning and caring, parental involvement for continued success of the child, modern learning, monitoring and security technology. These are the elements found at Childventures in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Burlington and Ancaster.


Where did all the fun go?

When did our world (and by “our” I mean “my”), get all hung up on little things and stressed out?

Some time ago, my daughter was doing her homework at the kitchen table while I made dinner. My son wanted to join the homework fun, too. I offered him colouring books, writing activities, puzzles, etc., none of which caught his attention. Then I pulled out a game/puzzle exercise a friend had given me for my son. It had belonged to her son when he was younger and had been sent to him from his relatives in Germany.

I laid it out on the kitchen table and read the instructions. There were, of course, English instructions, but some of it was literal translation and a bit of German crept in. So, to make things fun, I used a German accent when I read the instructions out loud.

Both my kids dissolved into a laughing mess. Continue reading

RIP Childhood Enthusiasm

Do you remember that unbridled excitement you felt as a child whenever something new happened? Probably not because the human brain is not wired that way. We don’t really remember the joy, the freedom, the excitement, the heart pounding pleasure of a childhood experience. Continue reading