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Things I’m grateful for today

  1. That the decision to go out and be in the world has been taken out of my hands.
  2. That I can work from home and that I have a job.
  3. That my kids are old enough to entertain themselves.
  4. That I got to have Easter dinner with my family via video and it worked well.
  5. That the cake my husband and I made from scratch on the weekend turned out perfectly (and deliciously!)
  6. That we’re all going through the same thing in different ways and I think it might be making us better humans.
  7. That this pandemic is happening in 2020 when we have the tech to stay in touch and the knowledge to understand disease.
  8. That I have so many understanding people in my life.
  9. That my husband still works outside the home and can do the shopping.
  10. That this won’t last forever.